Build a DIY Kid’s Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen

It’s decked out with:

  • a burner made from a $1 circular cutting board and red craft paint
  • a sink made from a $6 stainless steel mixing bowl and an old faucet
  • a towel hook remnant from my DIY kitchen art
  • vinyl lettering and burner dial cut with my Silhouette Cameo

I decided to make the sink vessel style so the inside wouldn’t loose any storage space, and to accommodate that I mounted the faucet on some 2×4 scraps. The faucet has 2 metal pipes (that would connect it to the water line) and I couldn’t cut them off, so instead I bought a set of spade drill bits and just made holes to fit them in, then used a rubber hammer to set the faucet in:

materials needed

After drilling the holes I painted the whole thing and sprayed the hardware metallic silver. It is literally 4* outside right now so to spray in the house I just made a shadowbox out of an old cardboard box:


The burner is just hot glue gunned on, and the sink is currently loose but I think I’m going to hot glue gun that as well:

finish product

Overall, this was a weekend project, but I do plan to put a clear coat of polycrylic over the vinyl as well just to make sure it doesn’t end up peeling.

cute play kitchen

There’s about a million play kitchen tutorials in blog land, but they’re so customizable and really easy to make- and honestly, I really like to give him nice wooden toys instead of plastic ones (and things that have storage built in are always a plus because good lord to kids have a lot of stuff).