DIY Ottoman (From An End Table!)

Matt’s office is terribly un-styled, mostly because he won’t let me style it. But there’s one little corner that I claim as mine and it was a real hot mess and needed to be adjusted.

office reading corner

If I said this corner was where I read all my fancy leather bound books whilst Matt typed his memoirs I’d be lying. It’s really where I sit when we watch funny YouTube videos on his computer.

I bought that coffee table for under $15 at the Habitat Restore well over a year ago, and it just doesn’t really fit that space at all. Also, the tupperware of junk needed to be sorted out and that bookshelf needs to be replaced with something heftier.

ANYWAY- the coffee table. It’s in great shape but it just wasn’t working and I knew I could do better and make it more useful. So I hacked it up.

end table to ottoman

I used my coping saw to cut off the top of the table, which was super easy and only took about 10 minutes total. Then I sanded the bottom of the feet to even them off and put little furniture pads on the bottom (those felt ones you can buy in bulk).

It needed a little more fancying up before it could fulfill it’s new destiny as an ottoman, so I added a pad to the top.

upholstered ottoman

I took a spare piece of MDF (you could use scrap wood instead if that’s what you have) and cut it to size with my jigsaw, then upholstered it.

A loooooong time ago I had to repair this chair after the cats scratched it up (see how to do that here) so I had some leftover fabric, which I used to create the ottoman.

Once the quilting batting and fabric was attached I used my power drill to screw it onto the new ottoman, just drill from the bottom and make sure your screws are the right length so they don’t poke through.

office corner reading nook

Oh look! That’s where the other tree stump end tables ended up 🙂 Much better. I propped these ones up on a rectangular lazy susan I had lying around to give them a few more inches of height and a little more interest.

My upholstering skills have improved, but I definitely still need to work on my corners. Overall though, this area is much more functional and comfortable now.

diy ottoman to end table

Luigi approves. And promises not to scratch it up. For now.

So there you go – I repurposed an end table that just wasn’t working into some that really serves my needs better. This corner is so much less crowded now and a lot more appealing when you walk into the room! I also cleaned up the tupperware of nonsense… but you’ll see that later in the week.  😉